The key to our approach is always to be inspired, resolute and financially rock-solid, while keeping both feet firmly on the ground. This is an approach that fills us with great pride. We see ourselves most of all as an enthusiastic project developer that has branched out into offering highly skilled construction, property investment, management and financing services as well.

Thanks to this unique, all-round concept, we enjoy a reputation as a strong and decisive project developer, a top-quality construction firm and a no-nonsense organisation that never fails to face up to its responsibilities.


Going forward, Verwelius will continue to offer a strong, all-round concept. In order to ensure continued success, we constantly set ourselves new challenges for future development, guided by our passion and our extensive knowledge of construction, property management and investment.

As a result, we are increasingly moving into projects that allow Verwelius to demonstrate the strength of its all-round concept. Besides developing high-quality construction projects, Verwelius also focuses on strengthening its financial portfolio in order to be an even stronger partner in future.
In this way Verwelius ensures that it is – and will remain - a property developer that distinguishes itself through its ever-expanding know-how, rock-solid finances, and increasing effectiveness.